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Bill Walton - President

Hi, I'm Bill Walton, President and CEO of Santa Clarita Public Broadcasters Corporation (SCPSB) Thanks for taking some time out of your day to read this. SCPSB is the owner/operator of KZNQ-LP (Q-101.5 Q-Country).
Back sometime in the early 1980's, I heard a Commercial on the Radio about becoming a Radio DJ. Of course that sounded really cool and exciting, so I signed up. After 6 months of studying in Hollywood, I was ready to break into a new career. Since my chances of breaking into the LA Market were zero, I set my sights on Ventura. A small 5Kw AM Country Station (KBBQ 1590) was looking for an all night weekend jock. And fortunately for me, I just stumbled into their Office at the right time. I was hired, and so started my Career in Radio. I sounded horrible on the air but the Program Director and the General Manager liked me. Our Listeners liked me too, they all knew this was my first job in Radio, but they all called in to encourage me. After 6 months of weekend all nighters, plus working my full time day job as a Tool & Die Maker, I got burned out on Radio and quit.
Fast forward 30 years to December 2010. There was a rumor that the FCC would be opening a filing window for LPFM Radio Stations in the near future. I spent many sleepless nights on the WEB trying to figure out what I needed to do to be ready for the filing. The process was overwhelming and expensive. I wondered if my dream of having a Radio Station would ever come true. In December of 2013, SCPSB filed an Application for an LPFM Radio Station. After resolving some mutually exclusive problems, our FCC Construction Permit was issued on 8/20/2014. During the application process our transmitter site had become unavailable, so we had to search for another one. While I was looking for the new Transmitter Site, I started building the Station. I ordered everything and put it all together.
In February of 2015 we leased our current Transmitter Site (Round Mountain) from the City of Santa Clarita. Early February 2016, we climbed the tower and installed our antennas, and went on the air. What you hear on the air today is the culmination of many years of hard work. I hope you like the Station! My door is always open, feel free to email me with any comments our suggestions you might have (
Enjoy Santa Clarita's first local FM Radio Station.
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